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The Rhythm, The City, 7pm
Experimental Short
When, at 7pm, the Manchester School of Samba practice...the city feels the rhythm.
Screened at:
  • WILDsound Toronto Film Festival 2012
  • Portobello Film Festival 2012
  • No/Gloss Film Festival 2012
  • bang! Short Film Festival 2012
  • Very Short International Film Festival 2013 - Shown in 100 cities across the world.
  • Cornerhouse Filmed Up 2014 - March


The Rhythm, The City, 7pm Production Gallery

Nothing is Original
Experimental Concept
A story of emotions told via lyrics and photographs.

Nothing is Original Screenshot

Frozen in Time
Experimental Narrative
Michael explores his troubled past with his father via a box of mixed memories.
  • Featured on NAPAC Website
Screened at:

Frozen in Time Production Gallery

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