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One Minute at Christmas | Revolve Camera Dolly Test
Camera Equipment Test
  • Featured on Revolve Camera Website

One Minute at Chistmas Production Gallery

No Gloss / Stockport Title Cards

No / Gloss Film Festival
Time-lapse Workshop
October 2013
Creating and delivering a one-stop shop for everything time-lapse from a beginner's perspective.

Time-lapse Workshop Gallery

Screen Stockport
Film Festival Judge
October 2013
One of the panel of three judges at Screen Stockport Film Festival 2013.

Screen Stockport Logo

Staffordshire University
Part-Time Lecturer
September 2013 - Present
My role is to lesson plan and deliver creative craft sessions to all three years of the Media (Film) Production Awards.

Lecturer Gallery

One Minute in the Gardens | Holga Lens for DSLR Test
Camera Equipment Test

One Minute in the Gardens Screenshot

Live Music Video
An exploration into how music is consumed.
  • Shown at Staffordshire University Degree
Show 2013 Opening Night.

Output Production Gallery

Experimental Short
A different perspective on the typical firework display.

Bokeh Production Gallery

A Creative Interpretation
Experimental Concept / Short
​An experimental concept that poses the question of whether reality can ever be truly captured on video?
Screened at:
  • Portobello Film Festival 2013
  • Screened at Cinematique! Student Film Festival 2013
  • Screened at Stoke Your Fires - All Fired Up Fringe Event 2013

A Creative Interpretation Production Gallery

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