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Own World
Video Installation

An interactive video installation that explores the physical barrier of electronic items within society.


No Gloss Promotional Trailer 2014
Time-lapse / Video Commission

A short video documenting the film festival's location within Leeds and the art and culture found in the city.


Euphoria Magazine
Visual Content Scout
May 2014 - Present

Visual content scout for the Leeds based magazine, curating content that has a high visual impact in an art or fashion basis for the Visual Arts section of the online publication.


Magazine Logo

Colour Melody Production Gallery

Colour Melody
Experimental Short

A conceptual look at a song being represented by ink, which was inspired by the technique of splash photography with the aim of the project being to creatively break a song down via using six coloured inks.


  • Featured in Euphoria Magazine -

  • Screened at Headwaters Film Festival 2015

  • Screened on Delete TV

  • Screened at Athens Animation Festival 2015

  • Screened at Girona Film Festival 2016



One Day in Stockport
Video / Time-lapse Commission

One Day in Stockport Production Gallery

Live View
Experimental Short
A short film documenting the inner workings of setting up a shot, the decisions made on set with a live graphical camera display to portray the technical changes which the operator is making.

Live View Production Gallery

A Conditional Existence
Autistic Interactive Installation
An installation showcasing the way in which autism has impacted upon three of my life stages.

A Conditional Existence Screenshot

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